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Buzz Lightyear Costume 2010/16


A Buzz Lightyear costume is the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for any young Toy Story fan.

Children love dressing up and what better way to enjoy themselves than by getting decked out in a realistic Buzz Lightyear costume

We have a fantastic range of cheap Buzz Lightyear costumes from top UK toy stores so you’re sure to find one that best suits your budget - there’s also some adult Buzz Lightyear costumes for anyone wanted to make a grand entrance at a fancy dress party, kitted out as the intergalactic Star Command hero.

We also have an impressive range of other Buzz Lightyear figures and toys,  Toy Story costumes and Toy Story toys for you to take a look at.

We’ve tracked down the best prices around for a Buzz Lightyear costume starting at around £10 so you’ll find something that appeals for children and adults.



A Buzz Lightyear outfit or astronaut costume is out of this world for young boys!

Your little son can really set out to explore the galaxy in a realistic Buzz Lightyear costume - he can take on the role of the little intergalactic hero as he dons his padded space suit, gloves, wings and snood helmet.

We have an impressive range of Buzz costumes for kids and also some super astronaut costumes for intrepid young space rangers who want to go to infinity and beyond, just like the hero in the Toy Story movies. An astronaut costume is a popular alternative to a Buzz outfit and some feature a helmet, spacesuit, gloves, boots, inflatable oxygen tank - and even a little flag to fly on the next planet or star you discover.

Buzz outfits are available in various sizes so you won’t have any trouble finding a fancy dress costume to fit your child - and we have plenty of Buzz costumes for ‘big people’ so there’s plenty of choice for men too - that’s means dad can get in on the action as well!

Young boys and girls love dressing up at home and acting out little plays and adventures. They let their imagination run wild and have no trouble turning their bedroom into a space station or lunar base. There’s no stopping a toddler or infant once they get dressed up in a Buzz Lightyear fancy dress outfit - their play acting will know no bounds and it will be fun and excitement all the way.

This the perfect outfits too for your little son if he is attending a birthday party of Christmas party where fancy dress is required. There are some lovely cheap Buzz outfits available to buy for under £20 but you can expect to pay a bit more for a top quality outfit with more accessories. We bring you some super costumes from major UK fancy dress outfit suppliers including Party Domain, Jokers Masquerade,, Fancy Dress Outfitters, Angels Fancy Dress, Amazon, Ebay, Tesco Direct, Argos and Escapade.

If you have a young daughter who loves the Toy Story movies, don’t forget to check out our Jessie the Cowgirl costume range and other Toy Story costumes. Other popular outfits include the Woody the Cowboy costume and Mr Potato Head costume.

The adult Buzz Lightyear costume is also a big seller and makes a great outfit for any fancy dress party. These are available in many styles and sizes - and we bring you all the best deals at the lowest prices around. A deluxe adult Buzz costume is a very impressive outfit and includes the traditional padded two-piece green, purple, white and black suit, gloves, a headpiece and detachable rocket wings.

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