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Buzz Lightyear Costume 2010/16


The Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear and Ultimate Buzz Programmable Robot are top of the birthday and Christmas lists of thousands of Toy Story fans.

The success of the 2010 Toy Story 3 movie has seen a surge of interest in Buzz Lightyear and his pals - and the new Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear has been a sellout in many UK stores with parents going to infinity and beyond to buy one!

Boys and girls just love the Buzz Lightyear Jet Pack toy and we’ve tracked down the best prices for these two great toys from top stores including Argos, Ebay, Amazon, Hamleys, Woolworths, Debenhams, Play and Early Learning Centre.

Now kids can become a real double act with their Buzz Lightyear costume and the thrilling new Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear which is guaranteed to provide hours of fun.

The new 12-inch Buzz includes a afterburner rocket pack, jet lights and sounds.

More below about the Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear and Ultimate Buzz Robot



It’s easy to see why kids are going crazy over the new Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear and the amazing Ultimate Buzz Programmable Robot - these two great Buzz Lightyear toys are packed with features to ensure hours of fun and excitement.

The release of the 2010 spectacular Toy Story 3 movie in 3D has led to a whole new generation of young Buzz Lightyear fans - toy sales at a high again with the new Deluxe Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear selling out in many shops as parents clamour to get hold of the new action figure for Christmas. The Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Robot is a huge seller too.  

The Buzz Lightyear Jet Pack is proving to be a massive seller just like the original Buzz Lightyear figure was when the first Toy Story film was released in 1995.

This impressive new Buzz stand at one-foot in height and his main body parts are moveable so kids can put him into any position they want - the flying position, sitting or standing positions for example. The figure is made from tough plastic so Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear is very capable of standing up to all the knocks it will be invariably face by over excited boys and girls enacting the scenes from Toy Story.

Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear comes with a super rocket pack which is the main feature of the toy which gives off afterburner blasts. Other impressive features are the much-improved pop out wings on Buzz’s intergalactic sky ranger suit, jet lights and some excellent blast off sound effects. Other goodies are body sensors for interactive responses, realistic laser arm lights and a retractable helmet.

Buzz Lightyear is renowned for saying ‘to infinity and beyond’ in the Toy Story movie and the Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear allows him to much more vocal - he comes with an incredible 30 new phrases all spoken in the Buzz voice kids have come to love.

Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear has various buttons on his chest which generate various actions when pressed - the red oval button is for mission mode, the green and blue oval buttons are for movie phrases, the arm button control the laser and light sound effects and the round red button make the wings on Buzz pop out.

Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear operates with three AAA batteries which are included and the toy is suitable for children aged four and over.

Price for Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear start at around £30 and rise to £50 at some stores so it pays to shop around to ensure you buy Buzz at the right price.

And the stunning Ultimate Buzz programmable robot is another super gift for any Buzz Lightyear fan - it’s a walking and talking marvel featuring over 100 sayings in the intergalactic hero’s own voice.

Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear - the new Buzz figure is packed with sound, lights and action!  

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